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Whether you are an ecommerce business or want to earn a few extra dollars from all those unwanted shoes and gadgets, selling on eBay is a great way to go. Whatever your reasons, you would do well to be better informed about how to best go about it.

With over 180million active users (and counting) buying and selling every day, eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces out there. Selling products on eBay is as simple as listing and posting; right after you read our handy guide.

1. Pictures Are Everything

Buyers on eBay, like anywhere else, online can’t touch or feel items, so they rely entirely on the images you post to make their decisions. Bright, high-quality photos are, therefore, the most critical aspect of your listing.

Online shoppers are picky owing to the vast array of options available to them, so it is crucial that you make your listing stand out. One of the best ways to achieve this is to ensure you offer as much information possible on the item you are selling; pictures sum it up perfectly.

Uploading multiple photos of the item from different angles will help to maximize visual appeal. Photos taken in good lighting against plain backgrounds are ideal. If selling used pieces, it is important to fully disclose any flaws or scuffs not just by description but by images as well. No one likes a dishonest seller.

2.       Pricing and Listing

It is worth noting that using a complete ecommerce solution provider like Shopify, can help create your e-store and expertly handle all aspects of your operations. From pricing, checkout, and logistics, Shopify is a one-stop-shop for selling successfully on eBay.

Creating a compelling title and price tag will impact how your item will appear in search results. Whenever listing on eBay, it is essential to note that chances are many others are selling similar items. Including details such as brand name, size, or other necessary descriptions better the odds of a shopper finding your product. When it comes to pricing, users can utilize eBay’s pricing recommendation feature to determine better pricing. Alternatively, researching on look at how much similar items have previously sold for can be similarly helpful.

It is advisable to sell items at a fixed price using the buy it now features after establishing your items market price. For product listings of undefined value such as antiques and collectors’ items, eBay’s auction-style category is better suitable where demand can drive up the prices.

3. Perfect Timing

Before you post your listing, take some time to think about when you should open the bidding. As a general rule of thumb, ending your auction on a Sunday has been proved to be the ideal time. Sunday evenings are where eBay records the highest number of casual shoppers.

Themed or seasonal products also require correct timing if they are to sell successfully. For example, late November would be an ideal time to begin listing Christmas-related items, October for Halloween ones and so on.

Similarly, selling culturally relevant items at the moment, they are trending can help you rake in dollars. Products trending on social media or popularized by celebrities tend to sell better the more current they are.

Whenever celebrities like Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Kate Middleton or Ryan Reynolds step onto the red carpet, shoppers tend to turn to eBay searching for items those celebrities were seen wearing. Stocking your ecommerce page with trending products can see your sales soar.

4. Seek Feedback

Don’t be coy about seeking feedback; even happy customers sometimes need the occasional nudge to remind them to leave a positive word or two. For eBay as a platform, they use feedback as one of the critical determinants on how and where your listing will rank.

By no means should you constantly pester you shoppers with feedback requests as this can be counter-productive. Instead, try more subtle approaches such as sending thank you notes with feedback surveys attached.

Remember, you are only as good as others say you are and it is no different on eBay. Feedback is what potential buyers rely upon to determine whether or not you as an individual, business, or brand are worth trusting.

5. Specialize

If you are looking to earn more than just a dollar here and there and want to sell professionally on eBay, you may want to consider specializing in something. The facts speak for themselves; the most profitable eBay sellers are specialized.

For example, if you discover that certain popular products are not so widely sold on eBay, you can tap into the potential and create a niche for yourself. Alternatively, selling only products that you are very passionate about can motivate you to up your game.

Even when your item is not selling particularly well, do not panic. A great tactic is to put it away until the competition runs out of stock. Following the top sellers in your niche, and mirroring their sales and marketing strategies will significantly assist you in getting your products in front of buyers.

6. Handle Your Logistics

If as a seller you are looking to increase shopper satisfaction, a great way to achieve this is by factoring in shipping costs in your price. All-inclusive billing will create a much better check out experience for them. Besides, who doesn’t love a free shipping label on an item?

Secondly, it is crucial to state shipment days on your listing so that shoppers can know when to expect their deliveries realistically. Partnering with reliable third party providers is critical if you can’t do it yourself.

Another great tip to help you win over the hearts (and wallets) of your clients is to personalize your packaging. A name here or a freebie there goes a long way in cultivating relationships and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! Your eBay listing is now ready to go live. Keeping an open mind, being honest, selling quality stuff, and remembering to treat your customers well will have you raking in the big bucks in no time.

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