Expand Your Business Marketplaces with These 10 Popular Items


Thinking about how to develop your business, but you are not sure how you will accomplish any growth. Below are ten popular items that can jumpstart your plans to expand your business marketplaces. After successful growth, you will see if there is an opportunity to scale up.

Carry out market testing exercises to make sure that the products you choose are attracting purchasing behavior. Ensure you find out the size of your investment for the new venture. Will the new ecommerce product lines affect your current online sales; will they increase their performance?

Continue reading to know the popular ecommerce products that you can add to expand your empire.

1. Training Courses with Online Videos

Not everyone has the talent to teach or train other people. If you are skilled at giving instructions, you stand the chance of minting money by selling online courses. Internet users enjoy the fact that they can choose to learn anything they have ever wanted to know.

The marketplaces offer popular platforms such as Udemy, where you can sell your courses for browsers to purchase. Make sure that your lessons are clear and easy to follow so that the public does not feel duped.

2. Accessorize Smart Devices

Most people with a mobile phone and iPads will buy a protective case to keep their gadget secure. Smart devices get constant use throughout the day (and, sometimes into the nights) for work and personal reasons.

You can make accessorizing smart devices a viable product as a way to grow your online prowess. The capital outlay will not break the bank since accessories are not generally sleek. However, if it takes off very well, you can also offer premium custom lines (bejewelled, unique skins, etc.).

3. Mum-to-be and Baby Wear

Mothers and babies require unique clothing to be comfortable and adequately protected against the weather. Marketing gimmicks are not going to be expensive since people have parties for a gender reveal, bump revealing, baby shower, ultrasound trimester, and anything else they want to celebrate.

They usually quickly outgrow clothes, and you may choose to start by selling secondhand goods. When the pregnancy and infant brands start selling, you can scale up your online selling to include general health products, pregnancy health and toddler attire.

4. Video Games

Gaming is a massive industry with huge fan followings that make buying and selling games, a lucrative business. New video games tend to be just as expensive as the 80s retro games. Collectors are willing to part with a pretty penny to get a collection.

You can scour the internet for bargains and make a name in buying and selling games. You will be fortunate to discover some well-preserved games in some far-flung locations. Look at Asian areas that are recently using the internet and former Soviet Russia.

5. Photographs, Pictures

The digital product that sells the most is photographs, with sales of more than 70 million photos and illustrations. Use your selfies and love for doodling, sketching and photography to establish a profitable undertaking.

Conduct a Google search for the buyers, and you should come across Shutterstock, iStock, and many others.

6. eBooks and Books

Human beings share their knowledge and stories using words. If you can write fascinating stories, and communicate information about exciting subjects, develop an online audience with eBooks. You have help in the form of Kindle and Kobo for your web-based books.

Old-fashioned books made of printed pages and hardback, are still a profitable business when you look at Amazon.com book sales. You can choose to sell physical books alongside your eBooks and naturally segue into audiobooks.

7. Compact Torches

The portable lights trade is worth over $3.5 billion, which makes sense because people are always attaching some illumination to their phones, car hoods, fanny packs during their jogs, and cycling. Everybody uses them in the medical field, security, forces, and our girl guides.

Portable torches are almost irresistible; your customers will want to find a purpose to use

Dropship them to your marketplaces and watch them illuminate a steady path to your profits column. You may eventually extend your enterprise growth to add mood-setting lights and look into rechargeable portable lights for outside activities (camping, kayaking, etc.)

8. Rock-n-Roll Collectibles

The internet makes it possible for fans to access the celebrities they have always idolized. People can amass their star’s paraphernalia. If you get a good deal on concert tickets, album covers, stage attire, and locks of hair, you will make tidy sums of money when you get a serious buyer.

Scour the internet and buy up as many of Elvis Presley’s face towels that he used during concerts. Offer them up for sale on his anniversary, and see how their value will have risen.


eBay and Amazon say that LEGO is one of the most lucrative items to sell. LEGO is a favorite of all ages. Some professionals use LEGO to display architectural formations.

You will not always know why a product is popular because it means different things to different people.

LEGO is one such product that is popular across borders and cultures. There is something attractive about being able to design buildings of your choice and erecting them whenever the mood strikes.

10. Body Shapers

Men and women are more concerned about getting into good health and have an interest in products that will give them confidence when they step out in public. Bodysuits and seamless underwear have been on the market for decades. You can join the fray.

You can hold bodies firm with torsettes and the more familiar corset. Distinguish your products to compliment the natural shape, as opposed to body shaming torture instruments that will change the wearer’s form.

Final Thoughts

When you already have an online business, and you want to expand your marketplaces, you ought to aim at carrying products that will profit you. The choices given here are to help you activate your creative juices.

You can consider many more goods to grow your business online. It is best when you are passionate about your product lines. However, you may get surprised to find yourself even more excited about creating wealth. Good luck!


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