Expand your Business Marketplaces with these B2B Platforms

Business Marketplaces

The internet has made it a reality for anyone to start a business. You get a broad customer base, a place to distribute your products, and an avenue for expanding your sales channels using cost-effective measures.

You may, therefore, be wondering about which avenue you can use to expand your business marketplaces. We will explore these in a little more depth below.

 Why using the internet makes sense

Think about business in the earlier days, being a success meant hitting the ground with a whole team of salespeople. You would have to make telephone calls or physical visits to pitch your ideas. Technology has eliminated the need for this time-consuming way of working. While we are in no way saying that analogue techniques like cold calls can no longer work, your business needs to incorporate a certain level of technology to succeed.

Many people are taking advantage of the online platforms to run their businesses, and the growth potential is enormous. Consumers are actively shopping online, meaning that any enterprise that is not on the platform will lose out. The B2B marketplace is all about connecting you, as a seller to distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

You are therefore able to deliver the best products to your customers because you know where to get them. So, which are the best platforms to expand your marketplace?  Read on below for more information.

Platforms to Expand Your Marketplace for Your Business

If you are selling on the online platform, you need the right marketplace to become a success. We will explore seven business-to-business marketplaces that you need to take advantage of.

1. Shopify

The Shopify platform is easy to sign up to, and you get to connect with thousands of retailers.  You can create your custom store using their themes. You get to enjoy a wide range of functionality which will make the running of your ecommerce platform very easy. You also get to track your sales and monitor your growth trends.

2. Uppler

Uppler has become a very popular B2B marketplace, and you get the benefit of impressive features for a wide range of industries. You can create an online showroom where you get to display your products. You can then invite clients into your store to view what you have. You also get to customize newsletters and catalogues for your business.

The platform also has tools which will let you know which of your products are very popular.  You can also create purchase orders for your clients. You get to track all your orders on the same platform, thereby making it a very convenient tool.

3. Joor

If you are dealing in home goods or fashion items, Joor is the perfect platform for you. Their operations run into billions of orders annually, and you will, therefore, have an excellent opportunity to grow your business.

Some of the functionalities you can benefit from include the ability to take orders whether you’re online or offline. You can also deal with representatives in different territories by giving permission-based access.  You have the opportunity to sell your products in multiple currencies.

Use your smart devices to monitor reports in Real-Time. You also get the services of an account manager to walk you through any issues you may have, including API integration.

4. Amazon Business

If you are thinking of a giant when it comes to online retail, the Amazon platform is definitely the one. And now all kinds of businesses; small or big can get massive opportunities on Amazon business. Signing up is as easy as creating a business profile and populating it with whatever you want.

You can customize your prices and only make the information accessible to your business customers. You enjoy the benefit of low fees when conducting such transactions. You can also enhance your product listings with the user guides, CAD drawing, among others.

5. Alibaba

Alibaba offers a huge business opportunity for sellers. Buyers also get access to a wide variety of products and services. Depending on what your membership level is, you will enjoy priority ranking and have no limit on the number of products you post.

You can also use their sourcing platform to respond to buying requests. The paid membership plan also gets you the Verified seller icon.  You can customize your website as you wish, and when you sign up to the premium package, you get personalized customer service.

6. Wholesale Central

Wholesale central targets B2B Enterprises only. There are no consumers on the platform. You get to connect with thousands of retailers, and by paying a low fee, you can join the ‘Buyers network.’ you get access to features such as free e-commerce software and storefront.

There is no limit to the traffic to your store. You can post any promotions in the deals and steals action. You also get your profile and business into the Independent retailer magazine which targets merchandise buyers, kiosk operators, distributors, among others.

7. FGM Vendors

FGM Vendors is a wholesale platform that acts as a virtual tradeshow for your enterprise. As an FGM Vendor member, you can list your business, and include information such as photos of your product, brand information, among othersPotential buyers can also fill in the contact form, thereby making it easy for you to reach them.

You have no limit to the number of products and business categories. You also get monthly reports on your listings and the traffic it attracted. You have many advertising options for your business; you can even list on the homepage. Pay a little more to become a featured wholesaler, which will give you benefits such as preferred placement and zero pay-per-click.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; seven fantastic platforms that will help you elevate your business to the next level. You get plenty of benefits including the ability to customize your storefront, network with other retailers, among others.

Also, enjoy integrations that will make the running of your e-commerce platform easy and efficient. The marketing tools available will also help you advertise your business and increase brand awareness. So go ahead, do your research and pick the one that works for you.


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