Facts about Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce


When any business is starting for the first time, the biggest worry is always how to get customers. For e-commerce, this question has a more straightforward answer thanks to the fact that smart devices, internet, and computers are readily available. However, research has it that a higher percentage of people visiting the web spend their time on a social media platform. Social media marketing was born. To date, every brand is on social media, but you need to know that there is more to social media than merely putting up posts. Here is what you need to know about social media marketing;

  • Needs time

The trickiest part of social media marketing is convincing people to like your business page. Although in the beginning, you may experience a high rate of new likes, it reaches a point where it suddenly slows down. It indicates that you have invited your friends to like your page and they have all done it. You will, therefore, have to find other ways of attracting more new likes by promoting your page or posts. Still, it will take a little time before you can have a strong following on your social media pages.

  • The more the likes, the better

People tend to trust business pages with more likes because they feel that people more believe them. One mistake that some people do is buying likes not knowing that excess likes within a short time can make a customer suspicious. Note that there are other genuine ways of gaining followers to your business page. Social media influencers can help you gain real followers to your page. If your business idea is awesome with quality products and services, your few followers are most likely to share your posts.

  • Identify your best social media platform

As much as your business can be on all social media platforms, you need to identify one that seems to be the most active. You can then decide to improve it or promote it since it already shows signs that most of your customers are on the platform. You should however not abandon other social media platforms since you never know who is searching for you.


Everybody is today on social media, and that is why you need to have your business present as well. You will effectively market your business to people directly through their smartphones, and the best part is that you can do it from whenever you want and at anytime.

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Here Are 3 Reasons Why Marketing Is Essential When Selling Online

Selling online is much more of having high-quality products. You need to create a professional website that will convince customers to make purchases.  However, you can have all this but fail to succeed in this business. Thus, you need to market your products. Marketing will allow you to reach your target customers which will lead to an increase in sales. A website with great marketing tools will allow you to sell across the world without using the marketing costs. Thus, you need to ensure that you have the SEO feature on your website. It will allow you to sell globally. Here are the benefits of marketing:

You will increase sales

You cannot have a goal of raising sales without marketing your products. Using various means to market is essential as you will find a potential buyer quickly. The best way to succeed in online business is by marketing on large marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Most of the customers believe that these marketplaces have reliable and quality products. Thus, selling across them can be of great benefits.

Marketing will enable you to increase the visibility of your brand

Customers visit various places to search for the best products. Most of them love comparing prices. Thus, if you market on multipleplaces, customers will come across your products. As you know, you cannot succeed in selling online by only creating a professional store and providing high-quality products. You need to create a robust online presence for the customers to find you with ease. Thus, you need to market on social media which will enable you to reach Facebook users. Facebook is becoming the best social media platform for marketing products. It has millions of users. Hence, with this platform, you can sell more. Also, you can decide to target the search engine users by using the SEO. This tool enhances ranking for customers to find your website easily.

You will build trust with your customers

Trust is essential in online business. It can make customers to purchase your products. Customers do not love a retailer that makes it difficult for them to find his/her website. Thus, you need to market your products for customers to view you as a trustworthy seller. You can achieve this by marketing on search engines and social media. Most customers use search engines because they believe that it is the best place to get cheap and quality products. Thus, if your website ranks low on search engines, customers will not trust it. But when it appears at the top, you will get more traffic,and the customers will make purchases.


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