How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger with Shopify

How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger with Shopify

Social media has rapidly evolved from places to chat or upload pictures, to viable e-commerce platforms. Facebook Messenger is an excellent channel for connecting with friends; your conversations remain private, unlike if you’re posting on a wall. But now, you can sell products on Facebook Messenger.

You can sponsor your contents, post ads as well as interact with your customers. The Facebook messenger app is an excellent platform because of its broad audience base. You can also integrate it with your Shopify platform for better functionality.

How Does Shopify Facebook Messenger Work

Shopify integration will allow you to converse with your customers through Facebook Messenger. The conversations remain private, and you can respond to their queries in real-time. You use the existing Shopify service modules, and you operate everything from the dashboard.

A customer can seek product information, make the order and complete the transactions on the Facebook messenger platform. You are also able to track orders and update the customers accordingly. The messaging is instantaneous, and you can also use the Facebook app for ease of communication.

All the communication between you and the customer is in the thread, and anytime you need to refer to something, it is easy to do so. What you, therefore, have is an efficient system that allows you to sell your products easily.

Payment Processing

One other outstanding feature for Facebook Messenger from Shopify is that the buyer can make the payments directly from the chat page. The buyer does not have to log out and then log into your online platform. The backend functions are on your website, but the customer will receive the receipt on chat; the same goes for any updates of the transaction

 Product Browsing

Your customers can browse through your products on the Shopify-Facebook Messenger. It allows them to specify what they want, including colour size price, among others. They can get to see images and other descriptors as per how you have saved them. Once they decide what they want, they can quickly move onto the easy-to-follow buying steps.

Pricing Aspect

The only cost you can expect is the one for your Shopify package. The prices will vary according to what you have signed up for. You do not incur an additional cost for integrating your Facebook messenger. All you need to do is open a Facebook account, link it to your Shopify dashboard, and you are good to go.

Forget about needing to install a particular app to enjoy the services. You also do not need any special skills for configuring your site.

What You Should Know When Setting Up the Facebook Messenger on Shopify

A good e-commerce platform will already have all the necessary elements to make sales. These include products, images, pricing, and descriptions, among others. Whether you have a Facebook store or not, the messenger app will allow your buyers to access all the necessary information from your online store.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Chatbots will allow for conversing with online visitors using auditory or textual methods. They are excellent for customer service and will give your visitors answers to any questions they may have. Automate answers to frequently asked questions so that you save time. You will not need to have someone entirely on standby to handle this aspect of the job.

Chatbots also provide an opportunity to see the kind of leads you receive. Asking simple questions, you can narrow down all the customers who you may want to pursue actively. Use the same when engaging with your customers. You can follow up on abandoned carts, suggest different products, and alert customers when there are new products, offers and discounts.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind when setting up your Facebook messenger chatbot include:-

  • Have clear goals in mind – do not try to achieve too much with the Chatbot. The user experience needs to be comfortable and the interactions simple. Having a clear, single goal will make it easy for you to customize your Chatbots as per your customer requirements.
  •  Keep your communication short – always have it at the back of your mind that anyone using the social media platform has a short attention span. With so many platforms to visit every single day, the amount of time they will give you is not much. Keep your communication precise.
  •  Remember the Chatbot can fail, and you need to find a way to respond quickly. Having a display menu that offers the customer help can be useful.
  •  Do not get technical with your language or use jargon that no one understands. Any way you choose to communicate should portray your brand personality, and you need to keep it professional.
  • You will achieve more when your tone is friendly. While the professional language is right, be careful about the choice of words, so that you don’t come across as stiff. Do not use slang or language that is too familiar; some customers will not appreciate the informality.
  • Do not forget to attend to your customers. Many are aware that they are talking to Chatbots, but they may need that reassurance that if they have other issues, you will be at hand to handle them.
  • Any questions you ask them should be short, especially if they require the customer to type in a response. Honestly, no one has the time for lengthy questionnaires. You could also confuse the Chatbot as it may not understand the answer.

Final Thoughts

Selling on Facebook messenger will give you a broad customer base. You get to engage with your buyers, and you can respond to any questions they may have in an instant. Even if you use Chatbots, make sure that you have one or two people on your team at hand to handle any situations that may require human intervention.

Great customer experience will keep your clients coming back. Facebook Shopify integration is one excellent tool to provide efficiency in your online platform.

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