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EBay is a fantastic place to sell products due to the broad customer base. With over 150 million actively participating in the platform; whether as buyers or sellers, you will never run short of bargains. Best of all, you have no limit on what you can sell. So, whether you have the product straight from the manufacturer, or just need to declutter your house, you will find a vibrant marketplace.

You may worry that there is too much competition on the platform, but there are many successful business people on eBay. You can generate income without quitting your day job.  All you need is a reliable internet source and your laptop.

So what are the steps to selling products on eBay? Read our article below for excellent tips on how to start earning on the online platform.

• Decide On the Marketplace

 You have the option of the local eBay or the international one.  The choice is really up to you has it will depend on what products you plan to sell.  If you are decluttering your home, you should stick with the local one.  Do take note of the shipping fees as you may have to foot them.

• Set Up A Business Account

 Setting up an account is essential for receiving payments.  You need to come up with a business name, relevant contact details; email address, phone number, and physical address.

• Undergo the Verification Process

You will have to verify your details on eBay.  The process is short, but there are certain restrictions that new sellers have to pass before they can trade on the platform.

• Create Your Online Store

You will need to create an attractive online store to attract and keep customers.   Do not forget you have a lot of competition on the platform. You will, therefore, need to stand out.  If you do not want to set up an online store, you can sell as an individual. The latter situation will work if you do not plan on selling for a very long time. Use it for one-off items, like if you are selling certain household products or your car.

• Product Titles Are Important

You have about 80 words to describe what you are selling accurately. Think about optimizing specific keywords to ensure you come up in search results.  Give as much information about the product as you possibly can within the set characters.

Other tips to consider include making a title stand out by using capital letters to attract attention.  If there is anything truly unique about your product, make sure you highlight it.

• Product Descriptions

 Having a good product description is very important so that the buyers get to know what you are selling at a glance.  Optimize the descriptions by using relevant keywords, and highlight what makes your products a worthy buy.  Use attractive fonts, headlines, colors, among others so that you catch people’s attention.

• Category Listings

You may need to invest in spending a little money on this feature, but it pays to have your products under specific categories.

• High-Resolution Images

 People are very visual and will base some of their purchasing decisions on how your images look. Take high-resolution pictures in different angles so that the customers have a clear idea of what you are selling. You will find many photo editors online that will help with generating good pictures.

• Search for Product Pricing

A price search will allow you to set reasonable prices for your products. It pays to see what your competitors are selling and their price range.  You should also check the same on the other e-commerce platforms. Overpricing your items will make you lose customers; under-pricing will lead to a loss.

Remember, customers will do price reviews before they opt for a particular supplier.  Having prices together with the product descriptions also gives a more professional look.  Customers like convenience. They do not want to feel like they have to ask for additional information when they are trying to make their purchasing decision.

When determining your pricing, remember to factor in things like the fees you pay on eBay, the shipping costs, and packaging costs, among others. All this will impact on how much you eventually quote as your price.

• Decide On the Model for Pricing

eBay allows you to sell in two ways:

  •  Fixed pricing – the customer buys the product on your set price. This method is best for multiple items that you hope to sell in the shortest time possible.
  •  Auctions- Determine the minimum price and then invite people to bid for the product. The highest bidder gets the item.  Even though your products may take a longer time to move, you can make more money with this method.

• Set Out Your Terms and Conditions

Without proper terms and conditions, you will get negative reviews from disgruntled customers.  Have unambiguous guidelines on things such as shipping policies, warranties, among others. Highlight what you feel is especially important; you will save yourself a lot of headache in the long run.

• Schedule Your Listings

 Some products will do best during the Holiday Seasons, while others can be on your listing the whole year.  Determine what works for you so that your buyers know when you will be posting new items for sale.

• Publish Your Listings

Publish your listings after double-checking that you have done everything that you require. Be very careful about things like spelling mistakes because it could make you look like a scammer.  Also, remember to link everything you post to your social media pages so that you can take advantage of the broad audience base on these platforms.   Encourage your friends and family members to share, comment, and give referrals where possible.

Final Thoughts

By following our steps above, you will have started the process of selling on eBay.  You will also have to think about how to market your products. You need to get the attention of as many people as possible. Good luck selling on eBay.


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