Strategies to find the Best Credit Card Processor for Your Business

Credit Card Processor for Your Business

When you own a business, one of the many roles is to assess the products and services your business requires to run smoothly. While sometimes this assessment is simple and direct, there are times when benefits seem unclear and indistinct.

Evaluation of payment processing services is particularly difficult. Taking a decision of which type of credit card processor you would like to work with can be a crucial one. In order to understand, let’s look at some of the key advantages that payment processing services provider should provide.

· Integrated payments

Business world is abundant of specialized systems. To grow business efficiency and maintain business sanity, integration is essential. In fact, it allows separate business systems to communicate one another. When payments processing occurs, they don’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, a top-notch payment processor will help you integrate payments with billing, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

· More payment options

During shopping, customers of today demand choice. It’s the utmost need that payment processors offer different choices to their customers. From credit card processing system, to mobile credit card reader, online, and discounts, payment processors should ensure happy customers by allowing them to pay the way they like. If you like to accept payments several ways, like on the go and online, you might want a processor that can support both methods.

· Accept credit and debit card payments

The most leading benefit of payment processing services provider is that it allows companies to get paid. They have the potential to process payments whether through mobile credit card reader or credit card processing system.

· Pricing

There are various pricing deals that processors use. So when you are out there to shop around for quotes, it can be tough to know which company is offering the best deal. Most of the mobile credit card processors publish their rates and fees online. However, sometimes you need to call companies and talk with sales reps to obtain pricing quotes. Similarly, you can also request pricing contracts to review. Though if a first processor you ask offers a great deal, still you should call few companies so you can feel confident that you took the right decision.

· Adaptability to grow with your business

Payment options are emerging in a rapid pace. Now, you don’t need to keep up with the technology advancements since leading payment processors are already in-charge of it. They know how to match the changes in payment forum so you can put all your focus on scaling your business. When you opt for full service payment processors over payment facilitation (PayFac) services, they assure you get everything at every stage of business growth whether it’s a starting up stage or a stage of becoming a global leader.

What Are The Benefits Of Payment Processing Services Provider?

  • Payment processing services provider basically obtain the deposit from your customer’s debit or credit card in your interests and redirect the money to you.
  • They save retailers from having the need to establish secure payment systems.
  • Their application procedure is less strict.
  • Companies like Shopify, PayPal and Worldpay, offer a useful substitute to those who have a small turnover from card proceedings.
  • Payment processing services provider eliminates the need of administrative work, relieve business owners of the burden of managing customer’s card details.
  • Rapidly process the application.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Payment Processing Services Provider?

  • Quite possibly, payment processing services provider may detain your payments until a settlement period of 30-60 days.
  • Payments don’t go directly to the retailers.
  • If a card is fraudulently used, the transaction’s value will be recovered from your business.

What Factors To Look For In A Payment Processing Services Provider?

Choosing the right processor can be tricky. Here are some factors you should consider while selecting a payment processing services provider.

  • Read the fine print before you sign any contract. Understand all fees structure. Make sure to confirm whether they have accepted your terms or not.
  • Look for features like month-to-month terms, and interchange-plus pricing.
  • Make a decision on the basis of how much you’re processing sales per month. If you are processing less than $3,000 per month, a mobile credit card processor like PayPal or Square is most likely your best bet.
  • It would be a good idea if you call processors to ask quotes. More specifically, you need to request interchange-plus rates from processors.
  • Meanwhile searching for the right processor, you will go through online reviews and will find out various online complaints about processors. Here, you will also figure out about hidden fees. To avoid such concerns, you must read all three parts of contract to ensure you know all about possible fees.
  • It’s better to have the flexibility of month-to-month contract. This will allow you to exit if you face any issue with services.

Why choose Shopify POS?

Shopify POS enables easy selling and allows retailers to process payments right from their tablet, phone, or in-person. With recent hardware like Chip & Swipe Reader, Shopify makes it even better to sell. The reader has ability to process all major credit card and debit cards. Because it supports EMV chip technology, the reader ensures safety and security of customers.

Portability and compactness are other benefits of Chip & Swipe Reader. It has ability to connect wirelessly to devices. Also, the reader has potential to offer long battery life on a single charge. Retailers can purchase it for just $29.


Whether you are selling on several retail locations, or just selling online, Shopify POS has got you covered. Shopify POS collaborates well with several retail hardware like iPad stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner. Also, Shopify POS is available in every currency. Even with Shopify’s iPhone credit card reader, you are just a Swipe away from processing orders anytime anywhere with your iPhone.

Standout from the crowd and increase your cash flow with right credit card processing system. Being a retailer, make sure to value such a platform that can offer you high-quality invoicing, customer management, and in depth reporting and analytics.

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