Top 5 mobile credit card readers for small businesses

Mobile credit card readers for small businesses

As the name implies, mobile credit card readers allow payment-processing services through smartphone or tablets – enabling business owners to sell their products/services from anywhere. They are especially useful for small businesses that lack sufficient budget, resources, and even the temperament to deal with traditional payment systems.

Here, we compared a variety of credit card readers that are popular for their ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordable fees. Choose the one that you find best for your small business.

  1. Square

Square is one of the most popular mobile credit card readers, available in the market. It is versatile, easy to use, and works on all mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Pricing –

The pricing features of Square are transparent for the consumers using MagStripe reader (available for free with each account). There are no hidden fees involved – you simply pay 2.75% for each transaction while there are no monthly fees involved as well.

Features –

Square offers several helpful features for its consumer base. These include inventory management tools, analytics, consumer records, and even integration with online store. You can also add-on features to enhance your usability for a very low cost.

  • Accepts different payment gateways including chip and PIN cards, contactless cards, and mobile payments
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Comes with a free point of sales app that works on both – Android and iOS
  • Can be integrated with online store
  • Gives free data analytics to assess sales by day, week, month, and even year
  • Convenience of sending invoices for single and recurring payments
  1. Shopify

Shopify is another popular e-commerce service that enables payment through both – online and offline medium. Each consumer who signs up for Shopify is given a free magstripe and chip card reader that makes it convenient to sell from anywhere – even in person.

Pricing –

Shopify offers low-priced payment plans when compared to Square. However, to get started, the users are liable to pay a monthly fee of $9. However, this allows users to sell their products and services from Facebook as well.

When it comes to transaction fees on Shopify, the in-person costs 2.7% while online payments will charge the users 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction.

Features –

Shopify makes it very easy for small business owners to set up their business with its online store, mobile credit card readers, and point of sales services.

  • Inventory management syncs automatically with both – online and offline sales
  • Convenient item and sales reporting
  • Easy to set up discounts and offers for the customers
  • Includes a consumer database
  1. PayPal Here

PayPal Here is another payment processing service that accepts all forms of payment – offline and online. Unlike the former reviewed mobile credit card readers, the hardware available with PayPal Here is not free and costs around $24.99. however, the company is currently offering its Chip and Swipe credit card reader for free (till the end of 2019) so hurry up if you are interested in using the services of PayPal.

Pricing –

Apart from the hardware, the transaction fee of PayPal Here is synonymous with Shopify – at 2.7% for each transaction while online payments are for 2.9% plus 30 cents.

Features –

The best thing about PayPal here is that the vendors can access their funds easily (and almost immediately) through their PayPal business debt cards. Some other notable features of PayPal Here include:

  • Inventory management using mobile and desktop devices
  • A daily summary of sales available
  • Easy to set up

The biggest drawback of PayPal Here is that the company has the ability to freeze your assets if you violate its terms or policies to minimize fraud. So if you are planning to use their credit card payment processing system, make sure you abide by the rules specified.

  1. World Pay Zinc

World Pay Zinc is a solution for mobile credit card readers by the renowned company of the same name. It is UK’s largest credit card payment processing company and offers varying solutions for both – online and offline merchants.

Pricing –

The hardware for World Pay is available for £39.99. The company offers two pricing plans. The first is 2.75% per transaction with no monthly fees while the second is 1.95 per transaction with £5.99 monthly deposit.

Features –

World Pay is an ideal payment solution for small-scale business owners operating in the UK. It is also a good choice if most of your payments are conducted in-person or via phone calls and not online.

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Works with all mobile devices including Android and iOS
  • Comes with payment tracking system that provides detailed summary on the app
  1. Intuit Go Payment

Last but not the least, we have Intuit Go Payment. The payment processing system offers a free magstripe and chip credit card reader upon sign up. It is also easily integrated with Quick Books to make bookkeeping seamless.

Pricing –

Each transaction made on Intuit is for 2.4% plus 25 cents. The 25 cents add-on can add up quickly if you make many high-ticket sales – thus may be expensive when compared to its counterparts.

Features –

The features for Intuit Go Payment are similar to others mentioned in this review guide. Data analytics, consumer records, payment history, and inventory management – it is all there. However, one feature stands out amongst the rest that is the ability to scan credit cards using mobile devices. This is a very helpful feature if you have an unstable internet connection and are unable to process payments immediately.

  • Customization of receipts to create brand identity
  • Scanned payments
  • Integration with QuickBooks

The Verdict

For those with a small business setup, all of the above mentioned mobile credit card readers prove to be viable. They are easy to use and are flexible according to the demands of a growing business. They are also usable for both online and offline payments allowing you not to miss a sale – regardless of your location. Choose the one that you find the best fit for your business model and get started today.


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