Things you need to know before you sell on amazon

Things you need to know before you sell on amazon

Ecommerce is on a high these days. It surely has taken the limelight away from brick and mortar shops. Everyone seems to be jumping in on the opportunity. Apart from establishing an online store, people are also wondering if they should sell on Amazon. If you are in a similar boat, let us make things easier by shedding some light on the Amazon marketplace and everything you need to know about it.

Selling on Amazon with Shopify

If you are venturing into amazon, you need a reliable platform to set up your store. Among the various options available, one that has managed to make a profound mark is Shopify. Most beginners find Shopify to be a valuable ally in their endeavors. Furthermore, now that amazon and Shopify have integrated, more sellers are surely going to be attracted to the platform.

Using a multi-channel approach for your ecommerce business is a lucrative opportunity. You can gain access to a larger group of people, thereby giving your business the much-needed boost. You now have the option of adding amazon as a sales channel in your amazon listings. This is not all; you can also create listings from the existing products on amazon along with fulfilling orders within the admin panel of Shopify directly.

Shopify also syncs your inventory within all the sales channels that your business is spread to. Thus, it becomes a whole lot easier for you to manage your business and also monitor your growth.

Some benefits of selling products on Amazon with Shopify

If you use amazon via Shopify, you can create listings in amazon in the category of clothes and accessories. You can also offer the products that already exist in amazon in any category from Shopify directly.

Another significant benefit is that you can fulfill your amazon orders from Shopify directly and also sync images and details of the products to your seller central account on amazon.

You can also use the Shopify report for regulating the revenue from the Amazon sales.

Steps to selling on amazon via Shopify

There is no denying that you will find the option of selling on amazon quite profitable and thus would want to jump right into it. However, before doing so, you need to ensure that your store is eligible for the same.

For one thing, your Shopify account needs to be active, and your store should sell items that can be categorized into the clothing and accessories section.

Your store should feature prices of the products in USD, and it is also vital that you do not ship your products through fulfillment by amazon.

Adding Amazon as a sales channel

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you can proceed to add amazon as your sales channel. For this, after logging into your Shopify account, you need to click on the + icon you see next to the option of Sales Channel. You will find Amazon in the listings. Click on the option of Add to make amazon a part of your sales channel.

Setting up your account on amazon

If you want to sell on amazon via Shopify, you will need to make a professional seller account which will then be upgraded to the amazon seller central professional account.

After opening the option of amazon services, click on the start selling option. Fill the basic details such you’re your name, email address, and password.

Once your professional seller account is created, you will need approval from amazon to ensure that your product fits into the categories.

Creating Amazon listings of the products

You can use the Shopify admin panel for creating your product listings if you are not selling your products on amazon currently.

If you already sell on amazon in any category, you have the option of claiming the existing listings of amazon in your Shopify store. The product listings featured in your professional seller account can be noticed from the amazon listings page in Shopify.

Inventory tracking policy

You have two options. You can use the option of managing your amazon inventory manually. Another option is using the inventory settings of your store for every amazon listings in Shopify.

Proceed to selling on amazing

Once you have followed through all the steps, you can proceed to selling your products on Amazon via Shopify. You have now acquired access to new audiences.

Shopify as a reliable platform

Shopify has acquired immense popularity in the past few years. It is progressing at a rapid pace. Innumerable stores and businesses use the platform to make things easier and gain success in the field.

There are a lot of factors that work in favor of the platform. For one thing, it is quite easy to use. You would not find yourself getting confused about what needs to be done if you are using this platform. It is highly easy to navigate, and thus, you will be able to manage it with ease.

Furthermore, they have a highly reliable customer support service. You can reach out to them at any time of the day throughout the week, and they will come to your assistance. This will also give you the confidence to move ahead since you know that you have someone to turn to in case you encounter a problem.

Beginners will find Shopify to be exceptionally helpful as it is simple and straightforward and thus is less likely to leave them overwhelmed.

Final words

If you are not using Shopify as your ecommerce platform, you might regret it. It has a lot to offer. The journey of ecommerce can be a difficult one, and in such case, it is always a better option to opt for something that endeavors to make things easier for you. You will find Shopify to be an appealing option in this regard.

Before starting your ecommerce business, you need to keep one thing in mind. There is no room for mistakes. You need to make sure that you put your best foot forward at every step along the way if you want to make a mark.


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