Top #3 Tools To buy a domain name for your business in the UK

Tools you can when you want to buy a domain name

Every website has a few elements that are unavoidable, and one of them is the name of the domain. And regardless of what anyone may say, choosing this name is actually much harder than it looks, because you want it to be several things at once. You want to make sure that the name isn’t too long or that it doesn’t contain any slang words, but at the same time you need it to be memorable and meaningful and you want it to describe exactly what your business in the UK is all about. Getting the perfect combination between all of this is definitely difficult. However, luckily for new business owners there are now tools that you can use, like generators that will help you find the perfect name for your business. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at some of our favorite options that we think you need to keep in mind when you want to buy a domain name, so make sure to stay tuned until the end so you can find out more about them.

Lean Domain Search

This very first option is probably one of the most famous tools of its kind, and we can safely say that there are some great reasons for that. The first thing that we love about it is that it is insanely easy to use. The tool can be found online and used on the website, so you don’t have to worry about downloading software in order to work with it. Another thing we absolutely love about it is the fact that this tool is incredibly easy to use. When you go to the site you will see a huge search bar and button and all you will have to do is fill in a few different keywords into the tool. These keywords need to be something that is related to your business and they can be words that you want to be a part of the name, your actual business name and so on. One you hit the search button you will immediately get hundreds of different options, and depending on the keywords that you enter, maybe even thousands, and the best part is that all of them are available with a .com extension, which is the best extension to get. With Lean Domain Search you will be able to filter the options alphabetically or by length or other perimeters, track your search history, share your results and more.

Shopify business name generator

When you look at the name of this tool you may think that it is only for finding a business name, however we are happy to say that it also acts as a domain name generator at the same time. The principal on which it works is very similar to the previous option that we spoke about, in that all you need to get started is to just enter the keywords of your choice. Once you do that, this Shopify generator will start generating business names for you, but it will also be generating domains under that same name and using those same keywords. Shopify is amazing because it will give you thousands of different options, and it will let you know which ones are actually available to be purchased. And while Shopify will only allow you to buy the domain if you start a Shopify ecommerce or website, which we think is an excellent idea, you can always just take the suggestion from Shopify and then buy the actual name from somewhere else. The tool is incredibly easy to use and it can also be found online, which means that there is, once again, no need for you to struggle with software that needs to be downloaded, and the you can use it for free until the point you want to purchase something, which is great for small business in the UK that are just starting out and don’t want to spend a large amount of their budgets on tools like these that have a single use purpose.

Bust a Name

This is another one of these generators that has been out there for a while and that has really made finding domain names incredibly easy for users. And even though the tool is designed quite similarly to the Shopify business name generator and Lean domain search, there are a few elements that make it stand out from the crowd and those are the incredible filtering tool that it offers. These tools are actually incredibly useful because they will really help you narrow down your choices to ones that you are specifically interested in. Once you add you keywords, just like with the other two options in this article, you will be able to start filtering. You will be able to hit the “starts” or “ends” buttons and that will help you determine where you want your keywords to be in the actual name, you can choose the number of characters that you want, whether you want it to be more unique or more natural-feeling and place many more parameters that will make your search much easier. Another really useful kind of filter that you can use has to with extensions and availability. When most of these generators show you the options, often they also include names that are’t actually available for you to use, and that can really be a waste of time, so having a filter option that will allow you to only see the available options is a great thing to have. You will also be able to filter the extension that you want your domain to have, and even though we always recommend going for .com, this makes it much easier for you to find a name with other extensions as well, if that is something that you are interested in.

If you want to give your UK website or online store the best chance possible for success, then you need to make sure that you have all of the important elements down, and that includes the website domain name. We hope that you will check out the options that we spoke about above, and we really hope that one of them ends up being the right tool for you.

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