Top B2B E-commerce Platforms to Streamline Your Growing Business


The B2b e-commerce market is said to be four times larger than the B2C market. The United States Department of Commerce states that in 2-3 years’ time the market will have matured and its worth will be to up to 0ne trillion. The choice of platform that you choose for your B2b market can build or destroy your business. The B2b market and B2C are different from each other and cater for different types of customers. The B2C e-commerce business is slowly assimilating the standards of the B2C market.

The website interface, customer service, order requirements and payment integrations are quite the same in both the B2B and B2C e-commerce market.  The two markets only have several differences from each other.

Hence the choice of B2B platform that you select should be in a position to cater for all the above requirements.

Choosing the best B2B e-commerce platform for your business

There are a lot of platforms today in the market that any business person can select from. Different e-commerce platforms offer a variety of different level experiences and different capabilities.

  • Catalog

The catalog is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that simplifies tasks like inventory management, order management, and product management with minimal effort.

Main features of Catalog platform include bulk invite to its customers, customer-specific pricing, and dual order creation process. Catalog also alerts its users when it’s time for making reorders. It also informs the business owner when stocks are almost finished, and this helps to maintain the stock levels all the time.

  • Insite Commerce

Inside soft business to business portal acts as a catalog management program that aids in managing different pricing matrix for all the orders that are processed. Insite portal is considered as a critical tool that can meet all the need of distributors and manufacturers.

It comes with various inbuilt techniques for merchandising and promotion that will lead to the growth of your business. Insitesoft also has a content management system that manages different sites from one interface and even for approval of content and in context editing.

  • NetSuite

NetSuite is among some of the top B2B e-commerce platforms which provide special B2b e-commerce facilities such as real-time inventory tracking and real-time shipment tracking. NetSuite offers many languages, more than 37 foreign currencies and also provides a flexible tax management system.

  • SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is a universal EPR solution. It houses an ecosystem of different suppliers, distributors, and partners in the great B2B e-commerce management. SAP Hybris isn’t a good option for small business enterprises. It’s an excellent choice for enterprises with a vast network of suppliers and distributors who are widely spread out across the country.

It has excellent scalability and performance too. The only disadvantage with SAP Hybris is the fact that it’s hard to use and operate especially for an inexperienced person who doesn’t know how to use the B2B e-commerce software.

  • Tradegecko

The tradegecko platform is popular for its scalability and user-friendliness. It is envisioned as a SaaS product; hence it gives the B2B users the chance to increase or lessen their usage according to the specific requirements. The platform has various options for reordering, custom pricing, customization and other features that enable complete order management.

Tradegecko can also be incorporated with numerous e-commerce channels for order processing and tight inventory management.  The main highlights of tradegecko include expiry tracking and inventory reports.


These are some of the best B2b e-commerce solutions to streamline your growing business. They come with inbuilt B2B platform features that smoothen the lives of the business owners as well as of the B2b companies.


Identifying the Top B2B eCommerce Solution in 2020

Business-to-business or B2B is a form of business where services, products, and information are exchanged between business, unlike B2C (business-to-customer). This is not a new concept, but what’s new is that B2B activities are taking place on the Internet more frequently than ever. If you are present in this sector, then you are probably looking for a B2B eCommerce solution that can help you boost your profit and expand your business operations. Many of the solutions found online are promising great results, but in reality, there are just a few solutions that have proven to be fully functional. Of course, we will use this article to present some of them.


In case you need a complete, scalable and customizable B2B eCommerce solution, you should consider GOECart. This platform is known for the long list of helpful features. Many of these features can’t be found in other similar solutions. According to the official website, GEOCart has more than 250 features. Some of these features include full mail order and phone order support, smooth order processing, routing and approval, bulk order printing, various payment options, advanced search options and many other features that modern B2Bs need.


If you do some research you will probably notice that NetSuite appears on almost every top B2B eCommerce solution list. This B2B platform provides a flexible and contemporary solution and in order to use it, you don’t have to spend a small fortune. Thanks to NetSuite, every merchant can automate most of their business operations. Cut IT costs and enhance visibility. This is a very integrated solution that can help you with different aspects of your business. There is a reason why over 40.000 organizations across the world have selected NetSuite as their B2B eCommerce solution.


We will end this short list with Contalog, another solution that is used by thousands of businesses. With Contalog, you can simplify some crucial activities related to your B2B organization like product management, handling orders and inventory management. Contalog comes with a modern, responsive design created with the need of B2B organizations in mind. Besides the management features we have mentioned before, Contalog is also offering smooth B2B eCommerce store creation, field sales application, mobile commerce support, in-store experience, and a digital catalog. The best part is that the price for using this solution is more than reasonable.


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