What Are The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers?

What Are The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers?

Are you seeking the best mobile credit card readers?

There was a time when you couldn’t think of purchasing anything without bringing cash. Now, we are living in an era, where “cash only” is seen as odd signage. Most businesses are either taking credit cards or mobile payments. With the help of credit card apps and readers, retailers can sell to customers on pop-up shops, events and wherever they meet-up. Now, nearly every business is accepting credit card and debit card payments as it brings the convenience for customers.

However, the question is how to evaluate the best mobile credit card readers from the variety of payment processing services available in the market. Here’s a list of apps and readers for mobile credit card processing.


Square scores top marks to earn our recommendation as the best mobile credit card reader. It’s a well-recognized free mobile app and card reader which persuade confidence among online retailers and customers.  Square’s flat rate and no monthly fees can be your best bet. Plus, you can use it anywhere whether online or offline. Square is specifically built for small businesses that need to process payments remotely.

One of the best benefits of square is its encryption at the moment of Swipe. After processing payments, Square doesn’t store information on your device. Through square accounts, you can avail free data analytics, and can see how well sales are doing each day, week and month. You can also get insights on your customer’s spending habits whether mobile or online. A daily summary is usually sent to your inbox which removes the need to run a report manually. When it comes to invoicing, you can set it up for single and recurring payments.

For those who usually conduct most of their business on the go, Square makes it easier to keep track of customers with its customer database or directory. It’s just like using free customer relationship management software (CRM) created right into their mobile credit card reader.


PayAnywhere is a mobile app and mobile credit card reader to accept your payments and manage your business. It provides all the advantages that Square offers which mean no monthly fees except a small percentage of money transactions. While Square takes 2.75 percent, PayPal Here asks only 2.7 percent. Funds remit as soon as the other day. Being a retailer, it allows you to quickly scan or include items with your device’s camera. You can also connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner. Pricing plans are beginning from 1.69 percent per transaction together with a $12.95 monthly fee.

PayAnywhere makes it all easy to run business from your mobile phones. In addition, you can generate invoices for recurring or single payments. Even it comes with the ability to offer discounts and taxes. It allows you to include taxes by location which depicts you don’t have to search for it manually. It’s a great option if you like to travel to other states. More than just a routine summary, PayAnywhere has more to offer in terms of reporting.

What does PayAnywhere lack? Well, they lack transparency. Many of their fees are hidden. If you won’t give a read to fine print, you could involve yourself for a hefty fee surprise.

Shopify POS

Shopify’s POS allows retailers to sell their products both ways whether it’s online and in-person. It has the ability to connect with your mobile credit card reader and app which ultimately makes it an amazing choice for online sellers who like to make it in-person sales as well.

Speaking of transaction fees, Shopify offers lower pricing than most of the mobile credit card readers. Their monthly plan begins at $9 per month. The platform also gives the leverage of selling on Facebook store too. Retailers can set variety of discounts in the Shopify mobile app or the web portal. However, the biggest downside of Shopify is that it doesn’t allow you to process payments from its mobile credit card reader when it’s offline. Shopify POS would suit more to those who are already selling products from a Shopify e-commerce store. All you need to do is to pay a monthly fee to establish an online store and obtain the free mobile credit card reader.

PayPal Here

This is the best POS and mobile credit card reader that enable you to accept all sorts of payments regardless of where you are. The app is well-equipped with numerous beneficial features like inventory management, reporting, and simplicity of use. The best part is the immediate accessibility of funds using the PayPal business debit card. Just like Square, you can easily control your inventory on PayPal Here app. Add photos and items, and then post prices from your desktop or mobile device. The platform enables a lot of control over product variations and categories.

Since it’s quite important for you to remain on top of the ecommerce business, PayPal Here makes it all easy to progress. With the help of daily summary, you can run a custom report to see how sales are going on daily basis.

However, there are few things that PayPal Here lacks. For instance, if you do more than $500 in sales in a weak period, your funds could be detained for up to 30 days. This may sound huge inconvenience for you. Also PayPal Here doesn’t provide an offline mode to make sales and take payments without internet connection.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to what is the best mobile credit card reader, it is all about getting feature-rich app, easy to use interface, and affordable transaction rates. Square is highly recommended for its outstanding payment processing services. What make it a better option are its features, a free mobile card reader, and a low-budget option for an all-in-one reader. Hence, you can take almost any type of payment. Other than providing ease-of-use, you can control your inventory and manage your venture to make sales. For all the reasons mentioned above, we can conclude that Square is the best mobile credit card reader.

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